Stone pillar
Desiree was found lying asleep against the same stone pillar as the one Armand found her lying against 18 years later and “fell in love” with her. The Stone pillar is also a place of security for Armand because he knows the story of Desiree and a girl with unknown background is safer for Armand to marry. This is because Armand will be able to blame Desiree if their baby comes out with dark skin. Desiree is a perfect choice for marriage because nobody knows who Desiree’s parents are or what race they were. The stone pillar represents Desiree’s unknown background.

The dark descriptions of L’Abri
L’Abri is described as a “sad looking place” with big “solemn” oaks shadowing the house. This foreshadows that L’Abri is a place of dark secrets hidden beneath the covers of the black roof and trees. As it turns out, L’Abri has a dark secret, the race of Armand’s mother.

The yellow nurse woman
The “yellow” nurse woman reminds us of the existance of mixed races. It also foreshadows that the baby is of mixed race. There are many children and adults living on the plantation which suggests that children between slave owners and slaves have been happening for a long time.

La Blanche's little quadroon boys
These boys are of mixed race and have a striking likeness of appearance with Desiree and Armand’s baby. They simbolize the mixed-race piopulation in America at that time. It adds on to the realism aspect of the story because this story takes place in the South were slavery still existed and slave owners were able to take advantage of their slaves.

La Blanche's cabin
Armand tells Desiree that the baby’s scream was so loud it could be heard from La Blanche’s cabin. This raises a question of why he was there and what was he doing. This incident also adds on to the suspicion that perhaps Armand is fooling around with his slaves. La Blanche’s quadroon boys look a lot like Desiree and Armand’s baby which makes readers wonder if La Blanche’s quadroon boys are his children.

The Bonfire created by Armand at the end represents the end of Desiree and the baby in his life as well as the end of the story. He is trying to destroy memories of Desiree by burning everything that is hers or everything that reminds him of her. Armand also destroys a part of himself that he wish did not exist by burning his mother's letter to his father about his mother being a slave.